Become a Bad-Ass Digital Marketer
How to Find and Make Money on the Internet With Any Kind of Online Business You (or Your Clients) Dream Up.
8:30pm EST, 7:30pm CST, 6:30pm MST, 5:30pm PST
Stuff I'm Going to Unpack Live
So many people lack understanding around the whole picture of online business. The Why + The How.
This is the blueprint for starting an online business...any kind...from scratch, and how to avoid the MASSIVE amounts of pitfalls along the way.
  •  How to create an online business plan that won't make you broke before you begin
  •  What 3 offers you NEED in every online business that will drive sales
  •  Where and when you should spend money to avoid shiny object syndrome and distraction
  •  How to pick the best list building and funnel strategy for YOUR niche
  •  Tips & tricks to evaluate what sorts of content and social media strategy you need and DON'T need
A jam-packed content-rich workshop with some of my best hacks, tips, strategies, and real-life examples!