Attn: Entrepreneurs...
Is the Market Oversaturated?
So, I notice you've checked out my Digital Gangsta workshop, but haven't taken the plunge on the course. For those of you who are worried there are too many Digital Marketers on the Internet....

The Question: Ohhhh the classic, “But the market is saturated with Digital Marketers. How can I compete?”

First things first.

Go outside (take your phone so you can read this email at the same time).
Knock on ten doors in your neighborhood.
When they answer…say, “Julie wanted to ask me if you know what Digital Marketing is.”
I’ll wait…

The truth is if you’re following Digital Marketers, you think EVERYONE is one (the ol’ I’m pregnant and now everyone is pregnant syndrome). It’s just a bubble. Tell your brain to shut up.

Step two.

Watch Shark Tank.

Count how many times they say, “Oh well ________ (snack food, lipstick, clothing, apps, pet food, cleaning supplies)__________ is such a competitive space.”

They say it about EVERYTHING…because the planet is crowded. #7billionstrong

The market is NOT saturated with Digital Marketers…the market is saturated with EVERYTHING.

So do not tell me that the market is saturated and there’s no room for you. It’s an excuse to make you feel better about keeping your dreams on the table instead alive.

There is an ENDLESS lead for quality Digital Marketers.

If I wrote to my list right now and said, “I need more work, so I’m taking on five people to do their funnels for $3000 each” I’d have 100 people in my inbox.

QUALITY Digital Marketers are in high demand.

Of course crappy ones are a dime a dozen…because they think if they read a few blog posts and regurgitate a guru, they know what they’re talking about.

It’s hard not to be insulted when I find people who expect to make six figures after 8 weeks of studying Digital Marketing. It’s not a rich quick game.

But it’s a suite of skills that will serve you for a LONG time to come, and in a million different business ideas and scenarios.

As a Digital Marketer, I can literally start any kind of new online business I want.

Tea aficionado, home organization, parenting, piano lessons, etc. I would know EXACTLY how to start and build a brand, following, funnels, and more. I’m only limited by my imagination and time.

That’s why I’m so passionate about teaching the skills you need to advertise and market any product or service online! Many people who work with me to learn how to be a service provider, eventually proceed onto bigger dreams and ideas because the skills they have are just WAITING to be leveraged!

When you learn the skill of driving traffic, converting traffic to leads, and transforming leads into customers, it’s like the TRIFECTA of Digital Marketing Superpowers and you will be set for life.

Showing up for yourself is step one. Proper training is step two. Support is step three. If they can do it, so can you!
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