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2 Hour Deep Dive Masterclass: A dive deep into the exact steps and strategies I use on my Facebook Page, Profile, and Group - everyday. How I use them as a part of my attraction marketing strategy to maximize the amount of visibility possible. If you're scared to run ads, don't have tons of money to run them, or just want to build a business using organic traffic, this masterclass will change the way you play and interact on Facebook forever.

2 Hour Deep Dive Masterclass: A Trojan style webinar masterclass specifically for service providers. Think webinars don't work for you because you don’t have a big product to sell at the end, or if you hate pitching, or any number of things, this masterclass will give you a plan to do a 7 days. I'm going to replicate and teach EXACTLY what I did when I started doing webinars - when I didn't have any courses to sell.

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This is a serious and rigorous course. The expectation is that you will complete the course material in order to further your skills in Internet Marketing. If you are hesitating to purchase, please don't buy. This is thousands of hours of experience carefully curated into a program and I'm not anxious for people to join who aren't ready to take it seriously. This is not a course I want collecting dust. Do NOT buy it if you can't afford it. Refunds are only given to those who show that they've done the work and it didn't produce results. That means I will expect to see a funnel with a free offer, content, and zero sales. If so, I will happily refund your money. Do NOT buy it if you think it'll turn you into a millionaire in five minutes. I built a million dollar business in two years, not two days. Thanks.

• The Digital Gangsta 8 Module Training Program ($10,000)
• Growth & Development Bonus Module ($1997)
• Facebook Ads Secrets ($1997)
• Proposal Secrets ($1997)
• Behind the Scenes in Julie’s Biz ($997)
• Time + Productivity Course ($197)

**WEBINAR BONUS** One Year of the Create Your Laptop Life ® Membership Program (priced regularly at $588/yr)

•52 Weeks of Weekly Coaching
•Exclusive Job Opportunities
•Private Mighty Networks Group
•Over 100 hours of training and coaching recorded
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