The 5 Simple Steps to Creating and Launching Your First Course, Membership, or Program...for you or your clients
Clients and customers come EFFORTLESSLY when you know how to be your own best Digital Marketer. Trust me.
A simple-to-follow system that gives you visibility, an email list of hot prospects to sell to,
and a plan to market your products!
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About Julie Stoian

I’m a bold and brutally honest digital marketing consultant and tech coach responsible for generating millions of dollars for clients who come to me for marketing strategy and tech help. I hold nothing back, and teach the WHY and the HOW, instead of leaving you thirsty after some crappy webinar where you learn nothing. I am NOT that.
Here's what I'll cover in this 60min workshop.
The workshop will give you the answers to five foundations that I uncovered as I built my Digital Marketing Empire
by helping businesses sort through the noise and grow quickly and effectively!
  • 1. How to create an online business plan that won't make you broke before you begin. So many plans assume you have time and money in endless supply!
  • 2. What offers you NEED in every online business that will drive sales. Everything else you need to IGNORE when you start.
  • 3. Where and when you should spend money to avoid shiny object syndrome and distraction. I was profitable from day one because of this.
  • 4. How to pick the best list building and funnel strategy for YOUR niche so you're making money faster! There are lots of good ideas that are the enemy of the BEST idea for you!
  • 5. Tips & tricks to evaluate what sorts of content and social media strategy you need and DON'T need. This is the #1 problem most business owners struggle with.

For a limited time...

Registrants who attend get my online business outline when they attend the workshop!
A jam-packed content-rich workshop with some of
my best tips and strategies for growing your online business!
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