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FREE MASTERCLASS: Learn From One of The Top Digital Marketers Online! Julie Stoian
The No-Fluff, No-BS
5 Step Process I Use to Build Any Kind of Online Business You Can Dream Up...
Even if you have no idea yet, no following, and no skills.
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This free masterclass takes you through the 5 Simple Steps to Creating and Launching Your First Course, Membership, Service or Program...for you or your clients.
A simple-to-follow system that gives you visibility, an email list of hot prospects to sell to, and a plan to market your products...even before they are built! This class is also perfect for service providers who want to improve their "launching and funnel" skills to charge MORE.
How to create an online business plan that won't make you broke before you begin. So many plans assume you have time and money in endless supply!
What offers you NEED in every online business that will drive sales. Everything else you need to IGNORE when you start.
STEP THREE: Where and when you should spend money to avoid shiny object syndrome and distraction. I was profitable from day one because of this.
How to pick the best list building and funnel strategy for YOUR niche so you're making money faster! There are lots of good ideas that are the enemy of the BEST idea for you!
Tips & tricks to evaluate what sorts of content and social media strategy you need and DON'T need. This is the #1 problem most business owners struggle with.
Skeptical and burned by bad webinars
and marketers? Watch This.
Julie Stoian
Digital Marketing Strategist
About The Speaker:
Julie Stoian is a digital marketing consultant and tech coach, making her mark on the internet through her popular brand Create Your Laptop Life®. Julie has inspired and equipped thousands of up and coming business owners with the skills and strategies they need to create, build, and grow profitable online businesses.

Julie started her journey to entrepreneurship as a blogger and writer, garnering the attention of media outlets like The New York Times and Washington Post with her no-holds-barred approach to social media. After a rocky divorce and unexpected pregnancy in 2014 that left her needing to build a profitable business quickly, Julie transformed her passion and love for internet marketing into the 7-figure business she has today. 

She's also a head coach and funnelbuilder working with Russell Brunson and Clickfunnels.

Julie has been featured on media outlets like Anderson LIVE, BBC World Have Your Say, and Rachel Ray, as well as numerous business and marketing podcasts and blogs such as Content Academy, Boss Moms, GoDaddy Garage Blog, and Funnelhacker Radio.
More about my story....
Disclaimer: This presentation is free. There will be a paid program offered at the end. You do not have to purchase the program in order to get value out of the masterclass. Please note that there is nothing about this that is "get"-rich-quick. Everything takes time and energy and skills. People who see results are the people who put in the work!
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