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The 5 Simple Steps to Creating and Launching Your First Course, Membership, or Program...for you or your clients
A simple-to-follow system that gives you visibility, an email list of hot prospects to sell to, and a plan to market your products!
This webinar will take you live through my Digital Marketing system and show you
how I use it for REAL people, in REAL life, with businesses that are just starting out.
The next live showing is happening November 2nd, 2017 at 3pm EST
Where are you in your online business career?
I want to start a business
I own a business but need marketing help
I'm a marketer and/or agency looking to develop more skills
I will be featuring a client who did the system (starting from zero) with his first product. ZERO people on his list. No web presence. Just an idea.
What We'll Cover...
  • How to create an online business plan that won't make you broke before you begin. So many plans assume you have time and money in endless supply!
  • What steps you NEED to do to get momentum and market viability (it's less than you think). Everything else you need to IGNORE when you start.
  • Where and when you should spend money to avoid shiny object syndrome and distraction. I was profitable from day one because of this.
  • Disclaimer: This will be a free workshop with a lot of content for you to use for your business. There will be a program offered at the end, but it is not necessary to buy the program in order to learn the steps to building an online business. Please note that results shown here and on the webinar are not typical. You must work hard to make this business happen!
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